Throughout the years researchers, practitioners and healers have tried to find a way to stop, improve and cure cancer without an objective positive result. Science has outstanding achievements in all areas, but still we have thousands of people dying from cancer.
At SDC we believe combining therapies and efforts between doctors, investigators and naturopaths, can lead to effective treatment protocols that assure improvement in quality of life, as well as a solid chance to help our patients to be cancer free.
SDC protocols are designed to offer you a full and solid integrative program or to assist your treating physician with those cutting edge immunological therapies that your doctor knows are essential in your cancer therapy.

This options are Immunological cancer program, Immune-metabolic cancer program and Total Integrative cancer program.


This program is designed to help all physicians, alternative medicine practitioners and any other health professionals to complete their cancer treatments with the use of powerful immune therapies, that unfortunately are not available yet in their own countries.  Length of time at SDC for this program is 3 weeks. Use of different vaccines will be tailored for every patient needs.

Dendritic cell vaccine.  Dendritic cells (DCs) are part of our immune system. The are key regulators of both T cells and B-cells, because of their superior ability to take up, process and present antigens.
DC’s can also activate NK cells and natural killer T (NKT). Because of these functions, DC’s can conduct all of the elements of the immune orchestra and they are therefore a fundamental target and tool for vaccines. DC vacc induces an immune response against cancerous cells and creates immunologic memory. Because it is derived from the individual patient’s tumor cells, this vaccine is a true targeted and personalized cancer therapy. 

NK/LAK cells vaccine. NK cells, which make up the majority of circulating cells, are the most potent cytotoxic NK cells against tumor cells.  Activated NK cells are thus in a position to directly or indirectly exert their antitumor activity to control tumor growth and prevent the rapid dissemination of metastatic tumors by ‘immunosurveillance’ mechanisms. NK cells directly kill target tumor cells through several mechanisms:

by releasing cytoplasmic granules containing perforin and granzymes that leads to tumor-cell apoptosis
 by caspase-dependent and -independent pathways.

The important role of NK cells in tumor immunosurveillance within the liver microenvironment makes tissue-specific NK cells an attractive target for immunotherapeutic approaches that aim to control tumor metastasis in the liver.

3.  Tumor infiltrating lymphocyte vaccine (TIL’S vaccine). T cells (also known as T lymphocytes) are found widely distributed within tissues and the tumor environment. They play a central role in cell-mediated immunity and can mediate long-lived, antigen specific, effector and immune memory responses. TIL’s vaccine allows the selection of the most highly avid anti-tumor lymphocytes using autologous T-cells isolated from the tumor itself together with high-dose IL-2 to emerge as powerful treatment option for patients with cancer. 
Adoptive transfer therapy with TILs requires the isolation of T cells from fresh patient biopsy specimens and the progressive selection of tumor-specific T cells ex vivo using high levels of IL-2 and various cell culture approaches. The therapy with TILS have proven to be a promising approach with tumors that are available to biopsy, creating an immune response, after detecting antigens that are specific from the tumor. 
At SDC we have been pioneers regarding the use of TILs therapy in Mexico. We have documented good response keeping a long lasting remission after combining it with modified chemotherapy and other specific immune treatments

4.Neo-Springer vaccine (Tn/T).  This vaccine is based in classical immunology. Antigens are substances that promotes an immune response. T/Tn antigens are proteins and sugars substances that occur in all healthy non-cancerous cells, but they are released to the surface of cancerous cells. Less aggressive cancer releases T antigen meanwhile more aggressive tumors produces more Tn antigen. Neo Springer vaccine targets both T/Tn antigens, guiding T lymphocytes to identify and destroy cancer cells.

5.Heptasaccharide vaccine. Carbohydrate antigens are potent targets for immune recognition and attack against cancer, both effects due to their abundance at the cell surface and because their unexpected immunogenicity.
SDC has develop a multi carbohydrate vaccine with a unique effect to promote active and passive immunity as immunotherapy for cancer. This vaccine includes seven carbohydrate antigens which are the most abundant in many solid tumors. They can be isolated from either from circulating tumor cells and/or tumor cells from biopsies.

6. Alergostop vaccine. Our immune system is a perfect machine that protect us against infections, helps our body to repair damage tissues and even participates as facilitator in many metabolic reactions. Sometimes, stressors factors accumulate in the body and abnormal signaling occurs, thus a sensitive part of our immune system lose its pathway, and defected antibodies start to be produce, leading our body to allergies, inflammatory reactions, autoimmune process and even cancer. Alergostop is an autologous vaccine that reprograms our immune system to restore the balance and equilibrium of those antibodies that are failing and prepare our body for a better and faster response to other therapies.

7. Myco-vacc. Mycoplasma is a cell wall deficient bacteria, which is capable to produce severe infections (lung, joints, bowel) and also affects greatly our immune system function.
T-cells are a subtype of Lymphocytes that identify and attack cancer cells; when mycoplasma over growth, these cells (lymphocytes) are inactivated and allows tumor to grow and spread to other body sites.
Eventhough there are several antibiotics that can be useful to treat mycoplasma infections, the rate of fails and relapses reaches up to 60%; with mycoplasma vaccine success rate is 80% to 90%. This vaccine is prepared from patient’s own blood (autologous), and due to this is a side effect free vaccine.

8.Prostavac. Prostate cancer in the leading cancer in men around the world. World Health Organization (WHO) states that 2 out of 3 men in the world will develop prostate cancer. Fortunately, now days therapies for this conditions, even in advanced stages, offers excellent chances to patient to achieve remission and recover quality of life.
One of these therapies is a self-vaccine called Prostavac.  From a blood sample specific cancer markers are isolated, then they are used to activates body’s defense: specific anti-bodies are produce from patient’s immune system and they lead NK cells and T- Lymphocytes to identify and kill prostate cancer cells. 


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