My husband Ivor and I have been going once or twice a year for the past 26 years to the San Diego Clinic (SDC) to stay well. Their unique Platelet Culture and Enox-2 blood tests and their Elastography Ultrasound are among the best tests anywhere; not available in the U.S.) to monitor one’s health.        

In 2007, their tests revealed I was at high risk for breast cancer. Per Dr. Munoz’s suggestions, I took anti-breast cancer supplements, improved my diet, and took the
clinic’s vaccines—Alergostop & Myco-Vacc (made from my own blood) and their Neo-Springer vaccine. Within 5 months, all tests, including tumor markers and thermogram, showed no sign of cancer.

My experience was true “early detection” of a malignant process that was stopped in its tracks by what Dr. Munoz recommended.

I continue to be in very good health in 2017.

In Sept 2015, my husband Ivor Rose was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. We decided an integrative approach was Ivor’s best chance for a cure, by taking conventional and holistic therapies. Unwilling to take high dose chemo in Miami, we went immediately to SDC where Ivor weekly received 3 hyperthermia treatments, intravenous Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc, Laetrile, Curcumin, chelation, anti-virals, and other metabolic substances. At SDC he had low dose chemo via the IPT method.

In Miami he received Rituxan, an effective conventional cancer treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Within five months, a PET/CT showed he was in remission. Now almost two years later, at age 83, Ivor is still in remission.
Ivor and I continue to go to SDC once or twice a year. Our tests will reveal if we are still well or at increased risk of getting cancer, arthritis, heart problems, etc. If we see we’re at risk for
illness, we are confident that SDC’s vaccines, treatments, and other recommendations are likely to reverse our medical problems.
We highly recommend Dr. Munoz and SDC to everyone we know as the best place to go yearly to prevent cancer and stay healthy or to treat cancer and other degenerative illnesses.
We trust them implicitly. They care about their patients, are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and devote a lot of time to each patient.


Bowel Cancer

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

I chose the San Diego Clinic (SDC) in January, 2010 for my cancer treatment after researching various cancer treatment facilities in the United States and because Dr. Munoz was highly recommended by Burton Goldberg (Cancer Consultant). After meeting with Dr. Munoz on my first day at the clinic, I immediately developed a complete trust in Dr. Munoz and believed that he would help me beat my cancer……and he did. Five years later I am still free.
Dr. Munoz and his staff instill courage and are the most compassionate and caring medical staff that I have ever met. Patients are cheerfully greeted each day along with being treated and cared for like family members. They take whatever time is necessary to explain & ensure a patient thoroughly understands their treatment protocol and the time necessary to answer the ongoing questions.
There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a fellow patient smile for the first time because they are responding to treatment and feeling alive again, recognizing there is hope. The San Diego Clinic is truly where miracles occur.
Although I was initially concerned about traveling to Tijuana because of all of negative media reports, I found the people of Mexico to be extremely kind and the area of Playas de Tijuana where I stay to be very safe; thereby providing a relaxing retreat. Staying in Playas shields you from the outside world and its distractions along with providing the solitude necessary to allow a patient to focus on their treatment and the healing process.
Travel to the clinic is easy because the SDC provides a shuttle service to and from the clinic on a daily basis. I have been very blessed to have found Dr. Munoz and the San Diego Clinic and will always be grateful for their care and will always treasure our special friendships.

Barb, 2014

Breast Cancer

Having been given a stage 4 cancer diagnosis with no hope for any curative treatment in the U.S., I was referred to Dr. Munoz by a therapist in San Diego who had worked extensively in alternative approaches to cancer treatment. After researching several other alternative clinics within the U.S. and Mexico, it was Dr. Munoz’s reputation as an expert in healing stage 4 cancer that led me to the San Diego Clinic.
True to its claim, Dr. Munoz employs both western and alternative methods to treat cancer, tailoring the treatment specifically to the patient. My treatment was based on extensive testing; the results so detailed, unlike anything I had encountered in the U.S. (as this was my second go-round with cancer). No cookie-cutter treatment here; it is a WHOLE person approach to healing.
The staff of doctors, nurses, and support staff are amazing; tending to each patient’s specific needs, whether it be working through border crossings, getting appropriate medications or tests, and/or providing prompt phone and email support.
But it’s more than that…it is Dr. Munoz’s relentless quest to heal…to find out what is causing a problem and solve it, not just throw something at a symptom to get rid of the symptom! His enthusiasm is contagious, and you can trust that; what he is telling you is not ‘candy-coated’, but is based on his many years of experience.
If it were not for the San Diego Clinic and Dr. Munoz and his team, I don’t know where I would be today. Instead of looking at a ‘doom and gloom’ forecast for my life, I am encouraged that together we can put this cancer to rest!
Don’t let the simplicity of this clinic fool you…the REAL work of healing you happens here!

Ann, 2017

I became a patient of Dr. Munoz as a result of two referrals, one from a friend and fellow patient.  My doctors in North Carolina had given me a prognosis of only living for 3-12 more months due to stage IV peritoneal cancer.  I had extensive surgery in Feb 2013 followed by high dose vitamin C infusions, various supplements, and a strict diet designed by a cancer nutritionist for my particular cancer.  Despite following that regimen carefully, my cancer continued to progress, thus the poor prognosis.  I went to see Dr. Munoz on Dec 28, 2013 who assured me that he would be able to help so I stayed for an eight-week treatment period. During this time I also had to have a stent put in since one of my tumors was obstructing my left kidney.  My urologist in the US told me I'd have to have that stent replaced every 3-4 months for the rest of my life.  Dr. Munoz confirmed that a stent was necessary but not indefinitely.   By the end of the eight weeks, all my cancer markers (CA-125, CEA, CA 19-9) were back to normal!  I went home with an additional eight-week protocol showing very good progress in tumor reduction.  When I returned for follow up, I was able to have both the stent and my port removed.  Since then I have returned for follow up to find that my splenic tumor had finally separated from the spleen (my original goal) and surgery was now a viable option.  The tumor continues to shrink at this writing.  My energy and vitality have returned and I feel great!
My treatment at the San Diego Clinic was outstanding!  All the staff was extremely warm, friendly, loving and willing to help in any way they can.  Transportation is provided to and from the clinic.  I was taken to my appointments outside of the clinic by the doctors themselves who stayed with me both during the testing and while my procedure was being done.  They also visited me where I stayed to provide care when needed.  The atmosphere at the clinic is also very encouraging because of the comradarie formed with the other patients and we learned from one another.  I always look forward to my return visits at SDC to see all the smiling faces and highly recommend that anyone with cancer have a consult with Dr. Munoz and his team.


Kip McCaskill, 2015

Amanda N.​​  2015

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Peritoneal Cancer

​​​​​​​​​​San Diego Clinic

Breast Cancer

In February 2012 I was told that the treatment I had received for bowel cancer had not worked and that my tumour remained inoperable. It seemed there was nothing that could be done. Thankfully, my research led me to the San Diego Clinic.

On arrival at the clinic my husband and I were immediately reassured that my decision to come had been the right one. The care and expertise of Dr Munoz and his wonderful team was evident right from the very beginning at my initial consultation. The relief at finding incredibly intelligent medicine delivered with immense respect, compassion and loving kindness made for a deeply healing experience on every level – particularly after having experienced the all too often impersonal treatment of a large and overstressed healthcare provider.

To cut a long story short, my tumour was shrunk sufficiently within nine weeks to allow surgery: it was very complex and challenging and I cannot praise Dr Jorge Zavala the surgeon highly enough. Dr Munoz then made a tumour lysate vaccine, which, along with all the other protocols, I believe has given me a new life. I feel fantastic – my return trip showed I was cancer free.

Like many who have experienced cancer, I live with body changes but I see these now as intrinsic to my healing. It is quite simply a life-changing privilege to be a patient at this clinic. Even thinking about it boosts my immune system! Oh, and of course there was a lot of laughter, a lot of hugs and a lot of kisses. This clinic has much to teach the world.Type your paragraph here.

More Quality of Life

After the poor prognosis if I chose to skip traditional methods of treatment I poured my heart into researching alternative options.  After a lot of prayer I was led to seek treatment and find refuge within the loving "family" of Filiberto Munoz at the San Diego Clinic.  Dr. Munoz still continues to follow me on my health journey nearly five years later.  
God is working through Dr. Munoz to heal and give hope as he treats every person on an individual level, giving his undivided attention to each condition that he treats.  The most important factor in my healing was on a spiritual level and I only grew closer to Christ through watching Dr. Munoz's work, his passion and love for people.  After being healed we started a non profit to help others seek healing and I refer nearly everyone with a cancer diagnosis for a consultation with Dr. Munoz and Dr. Robinson.    They are considerate of the dollars spent outside of Mexico as we all know these treatments are not covered by most insurance companies.  I was often referred home for these procedures if i could get them covered by insurance in the U.S. and they were always willing to work with my treatment team at home.  
I look forward to every trip to see my "family" at the clinic.  I was healed by Christ through this clinic and to God goes the glory. Thank you San Diego Clinic for being the vessel to provide healing and hope to so many. 

Blessings to all at the clinic and thank you for all that you do for us!
All of my Love

Jamie M​, 2017