Chronic Degenerative Diseases 

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Aging is a natural process that occurs in every single living organism in this world. Diet, exercise and stress among others are key factors that slow and accelerate the aging process. When these factors are affected negatively, our body will start to fail and eventually develop health problems recognized as chronic degenerative diseases. These pathologies are responsible for 63% of deaths around the world. 
 At San Diego Clinic we are aware of the importance of prevention and prompt treatment of these diseases, to reduce the permanent damage and mortality. 
Our holistic approach will emphasize diet and life style changes as well as specific supplement program according with every patient needs. All these supported by a solid medical treatment guided by our professional staff, trained to provide the best therapies for you.
San Diego Clinic will offer programs to prevent and treat the following conditions:

    Pre diabetes or Diabetes 
    Pre hypertension or Hypertension
    Metabolic syndrome
    Obesity
    Heart failure
    Ischemic heart disease
    Pulmonary disease 
    Rheumatoid disease